Is Apple Worth its iPad Tablet Hype?

Apple Inc has generated a lot of buzz recently with the hype over its latest geek-chic techno status symbol – the Tablet.

But is that hype really over-hype? Is Apple, and more important for investors – apple stock, going to benefit from this new gadget?

I personally don’t think so, and neither does Jeremy Glaser at [...]

Tech Stocks Will Lead The Rebound.

When it comes to the market rebound, Paul Wick thinks that technology stocks will lead the way.

Wick has been the manager of Seligman Communications and Information fund since 1990, and has outpaced most tech funds by 2.6%, annualized since he started.

Buy recommendations.

In a recent Kiplinger’s interview, Wick recommended buying any of the following stocks:

Parametric Technology [...]

3 ETFs for the Bear Market Rally.

When bear markets rally, it’s often the small caps and technology stocks that lead the way. Here are 3 ETFs that may help you make the most of the current rally.

iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (EEM ).

The EEM is comprised of 329 stocks from countries that have yet to mature economically. This translates into high [...]