Investing Term Tuesday – Tax Selling.

This week’s investing term is all about investment decisions motivated by tax implications. It’s called tax selling and as the name suggests, it’s when an investor sells an asset at a loss, in order to pay less taxes when he sells an asset at a profit. The way this works is that the U.S. tax [...]

2010: The year of the ROTH.

This is a friendly reminder for anyone with retirement savings who is concerned about paying higher taxes in retirement: new tax rules remove earnings limits on Roth IRAs.

Prior to the start of 2010, you could not open a Roth IRA if:

Your individual adjusted gross income was $120,000 or more
You and your spouse’s adjusted gross income [...]

Why Now is a Good Time to Open a Roth IRA.

Most people think they’ll be in a lower tax bracket when they retire, but this isn’t always true. And if you make the right financial moves during your working years, it almost certainly won’t be true.

The case for the Roth.

When you stop and consider the many tax breaks you’re likely to lose later in life, [...]

A Possible Change to Mutual Fund Tax Implications on Capital Gains.

Investors in U.S. mutual funds might want to keep an eye on this. The Committee on Capital Market Regulation (CCMR) has recently issued a report by Harvard professor John C. Coates which recommends that mutual fund regulators eliminate the requirement for yearly capital gains distributions.

The change would only affect investors who own less than 2% [...]