Life Settlements – Wall Street’s Next Bubble?

Would you sell your life insurance to a stranger? Millions would, and Wall Street wants a piece of the action.

A life settlement is the process by which an individual, usually of senior status or declining health, sells his life insurance policy to a settlement company in exchange for a lump sum. The settlement company [...]

Traders Still Buying GM Stock, Is This a Problem?

A recent AP story highlights the fact that shares of the old GM (before the government takeover) are not only still traded, but spiked to 13.9 million shares about 2 weeks ago. What’s that deal? Why would investors be buying shares in an ostensibly worthless company?

The short answer is, Who cares?

Whether you believe [...]

Tips on Speculating in the Stock Market.

I usually feel more in line with value investor Ben Graham’s line of thinking, but after reading Jim Cramer’s Real Money, I have come to see that there is a time and place for some of the speculator’s techniques.

Just because favor one school of thought, doesn’t mean another doesn’t have techniques that prove useful in [...]