Ivy League Investing For The Common Man.

David Swensen has managed the Yale University endowment from 1984 to 2008 and during that time, the endowment returned an annualized 16.6% – 5 points better than the S&P 500 and a generic balanced portfolio of 60% in a stock index, and 40% in bond index. That equates to a 40 times a grow in [...]

A Sample ETF Portfolio for Vanguard Fans.

The Vanguard family of funds has many fans in the individual investor community. With their dedication to low expense fees, it’s no surprise. Much has been made of the drag on performance of high fees, and there is a growing investment community that not only shuns investments with high fees, but rates fees and expenses [...]

A Sample ETF Portfolio for Long Term Growth.

Here’s an all ETF portfolio that’s sure to see some volatility. It’s geared toward long term growth, and as such it invests heavily in small cap stocks, foreign markets and commodities. The fund total is 90% stocks, 10% commodities and is best left to investors with long time horizons and a high tolerance for risk.

Here’s [...]

A Sample ETF Portfolio for Growth and Income.

When this portfolio was originally recommended by Kiplinger, about a month or so ago, the yield was a hefty 5.8%.

A large part of that yield comes from the LQD fund that focuses on high-quality corporate bonds, the IGOV fund which buys foreign government bonds, HYG which focuses on junk bonds, and dividend stalwart DVY. [...]

A Sample ETF Portfolio for Alternative Investments.

If you’re looking for an ETF portfolio that provides exposure to assets other than stocks and bonds, you may want to check this out.

The ETFs in this portfolio (from Kiplinger’s magazine) are anything but the boring, old index funds that got the ETF started. The funds cover commodities like energy, gold and agricultural, but [...]

A Sample ETF Portfolio for 100% Foreign Exposure.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) offer broad diversity in a single package, and if the ETF is an index fund then they carry added tax benefits when compared to actively manage mutual funds. When ETFs first hit the investment scene, they were simple index tracking funds. They mainly targeted passive investors.

Since then, the number ETF offerings [...]

Jim Cramer’s Tips For Picking Stocks to Buy.

I’ve just finished re-reading Jim Cramer’s Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World and thought I would share some tips I found inside.

This is a suggested list of the types of stocks to buy for a diversified portfolio.

1. Buy local.

Cramer recommends that you buy stock in a local company, or even a chain [...]

The One-Minute Portfolio.

Here’s the ultimate in super-simple investment portfolios, for those who don’t have the time or inclination to pick and monitor individual stocks.

The One-Minute Portfolio.

The One-Minute Portfolio is comprised of just 3 asset allocations: Domestic Stocks, Foreign Stocks and Bonds. Here’s a recommendation for each category:

1. Buy America – The Whole Darn Thing!

Perhaps the cheapest and [...]

The simple 7 investment portfolio.

Looking for an easy, diversified portfolio of stock funds that will grow your money over time, but won’t take over your life with demands on your time? ladies, gentlemen and undeclared’s, I present the simple 7 portfolio..

Each recommendation is either an ETF, or a no-load mutual fund. Some people prefer mutual funds, and others ETFs, [...]