Mutual Funds Becoming ETFs? What Next?

Wow. I’ve heard of mergers and I’ve heard of mutual funds closing to new money, but this is new. According to this SmartMoney article, Huntington Asset Advisors is planning to create an actively managed ETF fund to mimic one of their mutual funds – Huntington Rotating Markets Fund (HRIAX).

I have to say, it’s not surprising [...]

What Lost Decade?

Much has been made of the so-called “lost decade” of investing during the period of 2000-2010. But what does the “lost decade” mean? Is it true and does it even matter?

The idea behind the lost decade is that investors either made no money or lost money over that period a 10-year period. After all, the [...]

The Danger of Short-Term Performance.

Every investor ought to have the phrase “past performance is no guarantee of future results” tattooed backwards on their forehead – backwards so they see every morning when they look in the mirror. But sadly, that doesn’t happen. And perhaps because of this fact, it’s one of the most ignored pieces of investment advice around.

I [...]

How Much Do Mutual Funds Really Cost?

Q. How much does it cost to own a mutual fund?

A. More than you think.

Most investors know about a fund’s expense ratio, and use that attribute for comparing various funds before buying. But there are a host of hidden costs that are much more difficult to uncover for many mutual funds.

That’s what this article from [...]

Mutual Fund Monday – Tips For Mutual Fund Investment.

With thousands of mutual funds to choose from, picking the “right one” can be a daunting task. Most investors know not to fall for a short term hot streak – one or two years isn’t a long enough track record to show superior skill of the management team over sheer luck – but where should [...]

Morningstar Announces Their Best Fund Managers of 2009!

Morningstar has released their picks for Best Mutual Fund Managers of 2009. It’s important to remember that the competition is intended as an acknowledgement of past achievements, not as a recommendation for future performance..

That being said, the rankings are determined by a number of factors, not just best return for the calendar year. And the [...]

Mutual Fund Monday – 5 Things To Watch When Choosing A Fund.

Picking a mutual fund can be a daunting task, but here are 5 things to look for that I hope will help make the process a little easier. This is part of my weekly Mutual Fund Monday post feature. If you find this interesting or helpful, please read more.

1. Fees.

Over the entire time you own [...]

Mutual Fund Monday: The Biggest Lies Mutual Fund Companies Tell.

Chuck Jaffe at MarketWatch has a great piece that I thought I’d share for my (semi) weekly Mutual Fund Monday post this week.

His article lists 7 ways that fund companies manipulate their stats to trick investors. It’s all quite legal, since much of it depends on your the viewpoint and perspective applied to the facts [...]

Mutual Fund Monday.

I’m down with the flu this week, which means I’m taking it easy – but not too easy. I’m catching up on some reading and found some nuggets of knowledge regarding mutual funds that you may not already know about and you may enjoy reading. So, without further ado (because I need to get to [...]

Mutual Fund Share Class Comparison Gets Easier.

Investors who own shares of mutual funds are probably familiar with the 3 most common classes of shares: A, B, and C. But recent market conditions have led over 400 mutual funds to eliminate class B shares form their offerings.

The reason for the elimination is cost. It simply costs the fund company less to offer [...]