An Unlikely Undervalued Energy Stock (VIDEO).

Exxon may fit the bill. He thinks ExxonMobile looks like a good deal despite the fact that it seems to have missed out on the recent rally.

Watch the video to see Paul explain it in his own words.

It’s an interesting idea when you consider:

Energy is only going to go up as the world economy [...]

A Tale of 4 High Income Bond Funds.

Bonds have gotten a lot of attention over the past year and it’s easy to see why when you look at this chart.

What you’re looking at is a relatively smooth ride up until the world collapsed in October of 2008. The investorspeak for that smooth ride is “low volatility”, and it’s one of the main [...]

Mutual Fund Monday: Morningstar Announces their Choice for Fund Managers of the Decade.

These managers were chosen by Morningstar as the best of the decade because the “deftly steered investors through good times and bad“.

That’s saying something. Investing in the ’80’s and 90’s was pretty clear cut, but the 1st decade of the 21st century was anything but easy.

As with the best Fund Managers of 2009 award, the [...]

Morningstar Announces Their Best Fund Managers of 2009!

Morningstar has released their picks for Best Mutual Fund Managers of 2009. It’s important to remember that the competition is intended as an acknowledgement of past achievements, not as a recommendation for future performance..

That being said, the rankings are determined by a number of factors, not just best return for the calendar year. And the [...]

Mutual Fund Monday: Morningstar Nominees for Fund Managers of the Year.

Morningstar has released it’s finalists for Funds Managers of the Year. Here are the highlights.

Fixed-Income Manager of the Year

Phil Condon and Rebecca Flinn, DWS Strategic High Yield Tax Free (SHYTX)
Farnham, Kane, Landmann, Nucci*, Metropolitan West High Yield Bond (MWHYX)
Dan Fuss, Kathleen Gaffney, Matthew Eagan, Elaine Stokes*, Loomis Sayles Bond (LSBRX)
Jeffrey Gundlach and Philip Barach*, [...]

Best Buy’s Moat is Eroding?

Best Buy (BBY) should be a slam dunk buy right now, right? When you consider that many of their competitors, like Circuit City, have been sent to bankruptcy when the economy tanked, their strong brand identity and Geek Squad service you’d think they’d be sitting in the center of pretty big economic moat. But that [...]

Morningstar’s Six Top Candidates for International-Stock Manager of the Year.

Morningstar has their Morningstar’s Six Top Candidates for International-Stock Manager of the Year available on their website.

This is worth a look because if you’re thinking of investing in international mutual funds, you’ll want to make sure the fund has a good manager. One way to pick good funds is to follow good managers.

With the market [...]

5 ETFs With Large Moats.

Morningstar ETFInvestor has a new list of ETFs which have the lowest percentage of no-moat stocks. (get the ETFInvester newsletter here )

For those not familiar with the Morningstar concept of “Moats”, here’s a quick definition:

“The idea of an economic moat refers to how likely companies are to keep competitors at bay for an extended period. [...]

Top Morningstar Bond Funds for July 2009.

Morningstar has released their top 3 Bond Funds for June-July. Here’s the list:

High-yield bonds.

T. Rowe Price Spectrum Income (RPSIX)

This is a fund of funds. The management team invests in up to 9 T. Rowe Price funds in order to get exposure to all of the sectors of the bond market. The fund took a [...]