ING’s Sharebuilder Eliminates Large Order Surcharge.

Effective April 15th, ING has removed their “Large Order Surcharge” on trades through Sharebuilder.

I just got the email last week and my first thought was, “What the hell is the large order surcharge and how does this affect me?”

Well, it doesn’t affect me, but it may affect you, so here goes…

The large order surcharge was [...]

Free Trades From ShareBuilder For All Of 2010 !

ING is offering commission-free trades through its ShareBuilder service for the entire year, when you open an IRA with this promo code.

Here are the details:

All IRA plans are no-fee plans; no fees for a low balance, no fee for inactive accounts, no annual fee for being a member.

Open your IRA account before April 15th, 2010 [...]

Investing for free in 2010 with ING Direct!

Here’s a freebie for your Friday…

Open an IRA & invest for FREE in 2010!

ING Direct is offering a year’s worth of investing credits if you open an IRA with them before April 15, 2010.

Here are the details:

no-fee IRA
free Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) credits to use all year long, if you open your account before April [...]

ShareBuilder: 20% OFF Real-time Trades – Today Only!

Here’s a Cyber Monday shopping deal for all you customers of ING ShareBuilder – 20% commission rebate on all Real-time Trades that execute on Monday, November 30.

You can make as many real-time trades as you want and get 20% off on each $9.95 commission.

Just add the promotion code CM2009 to one of your eligible [...]