Mutual Fund Monday.

I’m down with the flu this week, which means I’m taking it easy – but not too easy. I’m catching up on some reading and found some nuggets of knowledge regarding mutual funds that you may not already know about and you may enjoy reading. So, without further ado (because I need to get to [...]

Beware Target-Date Funds!

Target-date funds were supposed to be the ultimate idiot-proof investment vehicle for retirement savings.

The idea is that asset allocation is the single most important factor in determining investing success, and most people get it wrong. Many others never even try because they find the concept too daunting.

Many people know they should save for retirement, but [...]

Investing Around the Blogosphere: July 2009 Roundup.

It’s the end of July, and that means it’s time for a roundup of investing news, tips and general info from around the blogosphere!


The ETF DataBase has a great post detailing the history of the ETF industry by way of 25 people who helped create it. Read The ETF Hall of Fame: 25 People Who [...]