Mutual Fund Monday – Tips For Mutual Fund Investment.

With thousands of mutual funds to choose from, picking the “right one” can be a daunting task. Most investors know not to fall for a short term hot streak – one or two years isn’t a long enough track record to show superior skill of the management team over sheer luck – but where should [...]

The 6 Biggest Investing Mistakes Warren Buffett Avoids – and You Should Too!

According to Burton G. Malkiel, a Princeton economics professor, and Charles D. Ellis, author of ‘Winning the Loser’s Game,’ the only difference between them and Warren Buffet is that Warren Buffet hasn’t made these mistakes.

Of course, it’s more than that but since you and I (or Malkiel and Ellis for that matter) don’t have any [...]

Mutual Fund Monday – How to Compare Funds.

The Mutual Fund Monday post this week is a highlight of a recent post from Kyle over at Amateur Asset Allocator .

Millions of Americans own mutual funds in their 401(k) plans, and many others own them in their IRA’s or even in a taxable, non-retirement account. But many people don’t have any idea of how [...]

6 Tips For the Beginning Investor.

Here’s a list of some investing insight I’ve learned over the years that I hope will help accelerate the beginning investor’s road to wealth.

1. Don’t go all in at once.

If you have a lump sum of money to invest and you are doing so when the market is going down, don’t just use it all [...]

5 Things to Do When You Have a Bad 401(k) Plan.

401(k) plans can be a great way to save for retirement and let your savings grow tax-free. But the plans are chosen by employers and managed by 3rd parties and don’t always have the best options. IRAs give you the entire universe of investments to choose from, but most employers offer a free match on [...]

When it Comes to Investing, Simplicity Rules.

There was a time when only the wealthy and well connected could invest in the stock market. Then IRAs and 401(k) plans ushered in a new era of the “common man” investor. Flash forward a bit more, to the Internet age, and we have a grand democratization of the stock market.

Not too long ago, you [...]

3 Options for College Saving Accounts.

It seems counter intuitive, that choosing the wrong kind of savings account for your child’s college fund could actually cost your child more, but that’s the world we live in – make the wrong choice, and your child may lose thousands of dollars in financial aid come enrollment time.

According to Robert Helgeson, director of [...]

Retirees Should Test-Drive Their Retirement Plan.

Retirement is a time of great financial uncertainty and worry for many people. The common thinking is that you spend less in retirement than you did when you were working. Once you’ve retired, you no longer have the expenses associated with a commute, eating lunch out, new suits and career upkeep like training and so [...]

Reliability of Income, the New ROI.

The 2008-2009 market crash and resulting bear market have been absolutely brutal to new retirees and soon to be retirees alike. For those in my age set (about 30 years out from retirement) it serves as a poignant lesson of what can go wrong.

To Mary Beth Franklin, editor of Kiplinger’s magazine, it also suggests a [...]

The simple 7 investment portfolio.

Looking for an easy, diversified portfolio of stock funds that will grow your money over time, but won’t take over your life with demands on your time? ladies, gentlemen and undeclared’s, I present the simple 7 portfolio..

Each recommendation is either an ETF, or a no-load mutual fund. Some people prefer mutual funds, and others ETFs, [...]