Mutual Fund Monday: The Biggest Lies Mutual Fund Companies Tell.

Chuck Jaffe at MarketWatch has a great piece that I thought I’d share for my (semi) weekly Mutual Fund Monday post this week.

His article lists 7 ways that fund companies manipulate their stats to trick investors. It’s all quite legal, since much of it depends on your the viewpoint and perspective applied to the facts [...]

Best Funds To Invest In Now.

These are peculiar times we find ourselves in. Here’s a list of funds from Kiplinger that not only cover just about every bogeyman bandied about in the financial press these days, but hit upon some classic needs in a mutual fund as well.

Inflation protection

Sooner or later, the reckless monetary policy in Washington D.C. is going [...]

Top Morningstar Bond Funds for July 2009.

Morningstar has released their top 3 Bond Funds for June-July. Here’s the list:

High-yield bonds.

T. Rowe Price Spectrum Income (RPSIX)

This is a fund of funds. The management team invests in up to 9 T. Rowe Price funds in order to get exposure to all of the sectors of the bond market. The fund took a [...]