When it Comes to Investing, Simplicity Rules.

There was a time when only the wealthy and well connected could invest in the stock market. Then IRAs and 401(k) plans ushered in a new era of the “common man” investor. Flash forward a bit more, to the Internet age, and we have a grand democratization of the stock market.

Not too long ago, you [...]

3 Options for College Saving Accounts.

It seems counter intuitive, that choosing the wrong kind of savings account for your child’s college fund could actually cost your child more, but that’s the world we live in – make the wrong choice, and your child may lose thousands of dollars in financial aid come enrollment time.

According to Robert Helgeson, director of [...]

3 High Growth Small Caps for 2009-2010.

Here are 3 small cap stocks that you probably haven’t heard of, but they each have at least a 25% increase in sales over last year – a time in which most companies have seen sales take a big hit.


Market Cap: $548 million
Estimated sales growth for current year: 26%

K12 (LRN) provides online high school courses [...]