Will Today be the Day the DOW Breaks 10,000?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average got pretty close yesterday to breaking the 10,000 point mark for the first time since the ‘08 crash. It’s no surprise that there has been much attention paid to this. It is, after all, a significant number, even if it’s mostly psychological.

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Is the Bull Market Running Out of Steam?

Earlier, I blogged about how the Dow was having trouble crossing the 10,000 point barrier. The basic premise was that the recent market rally was not due to fundamentals, but rather due to the market previously being over sold.

Well, a recent article from the AP points out that “Alcoa returns to profit as cost cuts”, [...]

Dow Down as 10,000 Makes for Difficult Psychological Barrier.

The recent market rally seems to have stalled. Is it because the Institute for Supply Management’s index of national factory activity declined in September? Is it because U.S. Auto sales dropped again, once the artificial stimulus ended? Is it because the unemployment claims rose unexpectedly again? Is it because the consumer confidence index fell? Or [...]