So much for Minyanville and the Ides of March?

Last week I wrote a post hi lighting an article at Minyanville that asks if March 2010 was going to be October 1987 all over again.

The premise was that there were major indicators that were signaling much in common with that fateful period 23 years ago, and there was some speculation that it [...]

Beware the Ides of March?

Technically speaking, the Ides of March is nothing more than a date on the Roman calendar. March 15th, to be exact. But it has sinister implications because it just so happens that the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, was stabbed to death on March 15th 44 BC by the very senators who were supposed [...]

Another Market Crash Coming for 2010? (VIDEO).

Stock market analyst Robert Prechter is seeing what he calls “the Biggest Bubble in History”, and that’s not a good thing for investors.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Prechter told the Society of Technical Analysts in London that we are in the midst of a “grand, super-cycle top” and that all the signs are pointing [...]