Forget Gold. Look To Commodities Etfs, Agriculture And Lead Instead. (VIDEO)

Famed investor and best-selling author Jim Rogers was interviewed by Yahoo!’s Tech Ticker back in October 2009, and he’s still bullish on commodities, but not so much on gold.

Here’s the 30-second takeaway from the video:

Individual investors should focus on commodity ETFs, unless they have a deep understanding and interest in commodities futures trading.

Forget gold, and [...]

Investing Term Tuesday: Commodity Index.

A commodity index is an index that tracks a collection of commodities in order to measure their performance.

Commodity indexes are often traded on exchanges, such as the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). By being traded on an open exchange, investors gain access to commodities without having to deal in the futures market.

The value of a [...]

Mutual Fund Monday – What 2009 Trends Mean for 2010.

Many investors take the change in calendar year as an opportunity to assess their portfolios and the future, and hopefully get their portfolios aligned with the future direction of the stock market. One way in which to do this is to look back on the year that’s passed and see what worked and what didn’t, [...]

13 ETFs to Hedge Against Inflation.

Inflation is in the news again, thanks to worries over the historic deficit spending in Washington today. If the Fed gets the timing wrong on the next round of interest rate hikes, then inflation could be a real problem.

According to a recent working paper by the International Monetary Fund:

“Given the policy tools employed through the [...]