Morningstar Announces Their Best Fund Managers of 2009!

Morningstar has released their picks for Best Mutual Fund Managers of 2009. It’s important to remember that the competition is intended as an acknowledgement of past achievements, not as a recommendation for future performance..

That being said, the rankings are determined by a number of factors, not just best return for the calendar year. And the [...]

Best Funds To Invest In Now.

These are peculiar times we find ourselves in. Here’s a list of funds from Kiplinger that not only cover just about every bogeyman bandied about in the financial press these days, but hit upon some classic needs in a mutual fund as well.

Inflation protection

Sooner or later, the reckless monetary policy in Washington D.C. is going [...]

Best ETF’s For…

Kiplinger has released their annual “best of” edition, where they rate the best of just about everything. One of the categories is ETF’s. I thought I’d share the picks, and some thoughts on them here, but you should check out the complete issue if you get a chance.

Best ETF for Income.

Kiplinger’s pick for best Income [...]