401(K) Roundup, April 2010.

It’s been way too long since I’ve caught up on my blog reading, and as I was doing so I discovered a couple of really good posts about 401(k) plans and retirement that I thought I’d share.

The first post is from Kyle at Amateur Asset Allocator titled, 401k Rollover Options:

A rollover of 401k [...]

3 Tips to Make Your 401(k) Work for You.

Morningstar has a terrific article (available to free members) titled Three Tips to Make Your 401(k) Work for You and I love it! Here’s a brief sample of why:

It’s surprising there aren’t many calls in the press to ditch the automobile. After all, think of all the dumb things people do with them. They drive [...]

2010: The year of the ROTH.

This is a friendly reminder for anyone with retirement savings who is concerned about paying higher taxes in retirement: new tax rules remove earnings limits on Roth IRAs.

Prior to the start of 2010, you could not open a Roth IRA if:

Your individual adjusted gross income was $120,000 or more
You and your spouse’s adjusted gross income [...]

Will Your 401K Match Return?

What will it look like if it does?

If you’re like many workers still lucky enough to have a job during this recession, you’ve probably seen your employer cut or eliminate the contribution match on your 401k plan. Mine did.

My company match on 401k contributions was the first thing cut, just after my bonus and any [...]

Rate Your 401(k) Plan With BrightScope.

Have you ever wished there was a rating system for 401(k) plans?

I’ve had a reason to in the past. I was looking at two job offers recently and one of the things that set the two apart was the benefit package. Obviously, a big part of any benefit package is the retirement plan offered by [...]

5 Things to Do When You Have a Bad 401(k) Plan.

401(k) plans can be a great way to save for retirement and let your savings grow tax-free. But the plans are chosen by employers and managed by 3rd parties and don’t always have the best options. IRAs give you the entire universe of investments to choose from, but most employers offer a free match on [...]

My 401(k) is Over Its Pre-Crash Value!

I braved my last 401(k) statement yesterday and lo and behold, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a fully reconstituted 401(k) balance!

It got pretty ugly around November of last year, and I quite frankly stopped looking.

But that doesn’t mean I ignored it completely. I ramped up my contributions around January by another 3% [...]

Rate Your401(k) and see Where it Ranks.

Here’s a handy little tool: BrightScope.com.

It’s a web site that lets people view information about their employer’s401(k) offerings and allows them to add information to the site in the hopes of building a better data set.

The database tracks over 2,000 statistics on401(k) plans including, net assets, fees, the number of participants, the average account [...]