TD Ameritrade Offers $100 Cash, When You Open an Account Online.

Listen up online traders! If you’re interested in opening an online investing account with TD Ameritrade, head over to this site and receive the following;

100 Commission-free Internet equity trades.

$100 in cash.

All you have to do is open an account from the link above and deposit $2,000 to start. You’ll receive the 100 free trades [...]

4 High Yield Dividend ETFs.

Thanks in part to the market crash in 2008, investors have rediscovered the importance of dividends. Dividends are also important in times of high volatility – like we are experiencing these days – because they help to smooth out the bumps and make for a smoother ride. Here are 4 high yield dividend ETFs that [...]

Is Cramer Describing Why Fundamentals Win Out in the Stock Market?

I wondered on to this article at MSN Money by Jim Cramer (yes, that Jim Cramer) that I found interesting.

The article is titled This is a loser’s market, which is I think he means to be controversial, but it’s what he says below the fold that I find interesting:

Suddenly, people can’t get enough [...]

Large Cap Stocks Poised for Growth? Is this 1983 All Over Again?

I just read this Morningstar article, titled 1983 Revisited that I thought I’d share. The author makes the case for large cap stocks by drawing a number of comparisons to the early 1980’s and 2008-2010, and what happened from 1983-1987.

By now, the parallels to the early 80’s are seemingly everywhere. Mostly by way of comparing [...]

3 Structured CDs With Big Potential.

Structured CDs (Certificates of Deposit) offer some upside under certain market conditions of environments where traditional CDs only offer safety of principal. In a general sense, the value of a structured CD is based on some underlying asset. This is usually done by the use of some kind of index to track that asset. Here [...]

Investor Psychology: Overconfidence And Your Portfolio (VIDEO)

What does a Finnish military exam have to do with investing? Watch the video of
Nick Barberis, professor of finance at Yale University, explaining the link as it relates to overconfidence in investing.

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What Lost Decade?

Much has been made of the so-called “lost decade” of investing during the period of 2000-2010. But what does the “lost decade” mean? Is it true and does it even matter?

The idea behind the lost decade is that investors either made no money or lost money over that period a 10-year period. After all, the [...]

Beware The Hidden Risk Of Prepaid 529 Plans.

Many people are familiar with the standard 529 plans as a means for saving for college tuition. They are much like a 401(k) plan in that the account holder can contribute money today and have it grow tax free – provided it is used for qualifying educational expenses. But there’s a less well known cousin [...]

8 US Stocks With International Exposure.

Investment pros recommend that US based investors should have anywhere from 20-45% of their stock holdings in foreign companies. It’s not the geographic location of the company that’s important to the asset allocation, but the diversification of economies.

This is because foreign economies usually do not move in parallel with the US economy, but that has [...]

Why Is The Stock Market Going Up?

Unemployment is still around 10%, foreclosures are rising and inflation, taxes and interest rates have nowhere to go but up. So why is the S&P 500 up almost 75% and the Nasdaq nearly 90% from a year ago?

I’ve wondered this for quite a while, and it seems to be the topic du jour on wall [...]