Depression Coming - Paul Krugman Plays Economist Again.

I just came across this post from tech ticker in which Krugman claims we’re heading for another great depression. His reasoning? The governments of the world haven’t yet bankrupted themselves sufficiently.

Yes, it seems that unending bailouts and unchecked handouts like the ones that got Greece in the news just don’t go far enough.

Krugman contends that [...]

Time To Check Your Stop-Loss Trigger Points!

As this article from MarketWatch points out, optimism about the U.S. economy is on the rise.

That’s a good thing, right?

Not if you’re a contrarian investor. If look to be greedy when others are fearful and pull back when others are greedy, you may want to take note of this optimism. The stock market has been [...]

Life Settlements – Wall Street’s Next Bubble?

Would you sell your life insurance to a stranger? Millions would, and Wall Street wants a piece of the action.

A life settlement is the process by which an individual, usually of senior status or declining health, sells his life insurance policy to a settlement company in exchange for a lump sum. The settlement company [...]

Will Your 401K Match Return?

What will it look like if it does?

If you’re like many workers still lucky enough to have a job during this recession, you’ve probably seen your employer cut or eliminate the contribution match on your 401k plan. Mine did.

My company match on 401k contributions was the first thing cut, just after my bonus and any [...]

Is the Bull Market Running Out of Steam?

Earlier, I blogged about how the Dow was having trouble crossing the 10,000 point barrier. The basic premise was that the recent market rally was not due to fundamentals, but rather due to the market previously being over sold.

Well, a recent article from the AP points out that “Alcoa returns to profit as cost cuts”, [...]

3 Things Needed For Real Economic Recovery.

Yahoo! Tech Ticker has an interview with Barry Ritholtz in which Ritholtz lays out why he thinks talk of an economic recovery is premature, as well as what he sees as necessary for a true recovery.

The Conference Board said Thursday that its index of leading indicators rose 0.6% in July – its fourth consecutive [...]