Beware Target-Date Funds!

Target-date funds were supposed to be the ultimate idiot-proof investment vehicle for retirement savings.

The idea is that asset allocation is the single most important factor in determining investing success, and most people get it wrong. Many others never even try because they find the concept too daunting.

Many people know they should save for retirement, but [...]

The One-Minute Portfolio.

Here’s the ultimate in super-simple investment portfolios, for those who don’t have the time or inclination to pick and monitor individual stocks.

The One-Minute Portfolio.

The One-Minute Portfolio is comprised of just 3 asset allocations: Domestic Stocks, Foreign Stocks and Bonds. Here’s a recommendation for each category:

1. Buy America – The Whole Darn Thing!

Perhaps the cheapest and [...]

The simple 7 investment portfolio.

Looking for an easy, diversified portfolio of stock funds that will grow your money over time, but won’t take over your life with demands on your time? ladies, gentlemen and undeclared’s, I present the simple 7 portfolio..

Each recommendation is either an ETF, or a no-load mutual fund. Some people prefer mutual funds, and others ETFs, [...]