Depression Coming - Paul Krugman Plays Economist Again.

I just came across this post from tech ticker in which Krugman claims we’re heading for another great depression. His reasoning? The governments of the world haven’t yet bankrupted themselves sufficiently.

Yes, it seems that unending bailouts and unchecked handouts like the ones that got Greece in the news just don’t go far enough.

Krugman contends that [...]

Mutual Funds Becoming ETFs? What Next?

Wow. I’ve heard of mergers and I’ve heard of mutual funds closing to new money, but this is new. According to this SmartMoney article, Huntington Asset Advisors is planning to create an actively managed ETF fund to mimic one of their mutual funds – Huntington Rotating Markets Fund (HRIAX).

I have to say, it’s not surprising [...]

TD Ameritrade Offers $100 Cash, When You Open an Account Online.

Listen up online traders! If you’re interested in opening an online investing account with TD Ameritrade, head over to this site and receive the following;

100 Commission-free Internet equity trades.

$100 in cash.

All you have to do is open an account from the link above and deposit $2,000 to start. You’ll receive the 100 free trades [...]