NLY, a Dividend Paying Trust Worth A Look.

With chatter about a bubble in bonds building, it may be a good time to look for alternative sources of investment income. One such source has long been dividend paying stocks, trusts and partnerships. Here are two such dividend plays – one is a Real Estate Investment Trust, and the other is an energy partnership.

Annaly [...]

Another Market Crash Coming for 2010? (VIDEO).

Stock market analyst Robert Prechter is seeing what he calls “the Biggest Bubble in History”, and that’s not a good thing for investors.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Prechter told the Society of Technical Analysts in London that we are in the midst of a “grand, super-cycle top” and that all the signs are pointing [...]

8 Ways to Rock Your Roth Conversion.

When the calendar passed from December to January, we bid a not so fond adieu to 2009 as well as the rollover income limitation associated with transitioning a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. This is a good thing if  converting to a Roth IRA makes sense for you.

The Roth IRA is one of the [...]

Free Trades From ShareBuilder For All Of 2010 !

ING is offering commission-free trades through its ShareBuilder service for the entire year, when you open an IRA with this promo code.

Here are the details:

All IRA plans are no-fee plans; no fees for a low balance, no fee for inactive accounts, no annual fee for being a member.

Open your IRA account before April 15th, 2010 [...]

Are Target Date Funds good, bad or just plain ugly?

Target date funds have been in the news quite a lot over the past few years, though the nature of the news seems to have gone from great to bad over that time. Consider that when target date funds were first introduced they were heralded as the pinnacle in the evolution of investment vehicles. They [...]

Investing Term Tuesday – Tax Selling.

This week’s investing term is all about investment decisions motivated by tax implications. It’s called tax selling and as the name suggests, it’s when an investor sells an asset at a loss, in order to pay less taxes when he sells an asset at a profit. The way this works is that the U.S. tax [...]

Mutual Fund Monday – Blogosphere Feb 2010 Edition.

It’s Mutual Fund Monday again, and I thought that I’d do something a little different this week. Rather than focus on a single fund or concept about funds, I’m focusing on a topic and sharing some of the interesting posts I’ve found on other blogs recently about that topic. The topic: ETFs.

ETFs, or exchange [...]

Life Settlements – Wall Street’s Next Bubble?

Would you sell your life insurance to a stranger? Millions would, and Wall Street wants a piece of the action.

A life settlement is the process by which an individual, usually of senior status or declining health, sells his life insurance policy to a settlement company in exchange for a lump sum. The settlement company [...]

100 Free Trades From Ameritrade.

Listen up, investors!

If you’re looking for free stock trades online, and don’t mind opening an account with discount broker Ameritrade, then this could be the deal you’ve been looking for.

Open an account using this link, with an initial deposit of $2,000 and get 100 commision-free Internet equity trades for 60 days.


Open an account using this link,with [...]

Investing Term Tuesday – January Effect.

In honor of just closing the books on January, I thought it might be nice to examine the January Effect.

The January Effect is an investing term that refers to a general increase in the stock market during the month of January. This effect is typically attributed to an increase in buying caused by the addition [...]