Investing Term Tuesday – Gift Of Equity.

Since this is the gift-giving season, I thought it appropriate to share the Gift Of Equity in this investing term Tuesday.

The Gift Of Equity refers to the sale of a home to a family member at a price below the current market value. Sometimes it can be a sale to someone the with whom seller [...]

Mutual Fund Monday: Morningstar Nominees for Fund Managers of the Year.

Morningstar has released it’s finalists for Funds Managers of the Year. Here are the highlights.

Fixed-Income Manager of the Year

Phil Condon and Rebecca Flinn, DWS Strategic High Yield Tax Free (SHYTX)
Farnham, Kane, Landmann, Nucci*, Metropolitan West High Yield Bond (MWHYX)
Dan Fuss, Kathleen Gaffney, Matthew Eagan, Elaine Stokes*, Loomis Sayles Bond (LSBRX)
Jeffrey Gundlach and Philip Barach*, [...]

Ivy League Investing For The Common Man.

David Swensen has managed the Yale University endowment from 1984 to 2008 and during that time, the endowment returned an annualized 16.6% – 5 points better than the S&P 500 and a generic balanced portfolio of 60% in a stock index, and 40% in bond index. That equates to a 40 times a grow in [...]

Investing Term Tuesday: Gold Fix.

The Gold Fix is the act whereby the price of gold is set, twice daily, by the 5 members of the London gold pool. This price is used as a benchmark for most of the global gold products and derivatives pricing.

This “fixing” of the gold price by the London gold pool is based on [...]

Mutual Fund Monday – 5 Things To Watch When Choosing A Fund.

Picking a mutual fund can be a daunting task, but here are 5 things to look for that I hope will help make the process a little easier. This is part of my weekly Mutual Fund Monday post feature. If you find this interesting or helpful, please read more.

1. Fees.

Over the entire time you own [...]

4 Reasons Cash Is King For The Individual Investor.

We’ve all heard that Cash is King when analyzing company balance sheets. This is especially true in times of recession, since companies without a cash cushion are less likely to be able to survive trying times. But cash is king for the individual investor as well. Here’s why.

1. Lower costs.

Not only will you be able [...]

Will Your 401K Match Return?

What will it look like if it does?

If you’re like many workers still lucky enough to have a job during this recession, you’ve probably seen your employer cut or eliminate the contribution match on your 401k plan. Mine did.

My company match on 401k contributions was the first thing cut, just after my bonus and any [...]

Rate Your 401(k) Plan With BrightScope.

Have you ever wished there was a rating system for 401(k) plans?

I’ve had a reason to in the past. I was looking at two job offers recently and one of the things that set the two apart was the benefit package. Obviously, a big part of any benefit package is the retirement plan offered by [...]

3 Healthcare Stocks That Could Survive Healthcare Reform.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the air over policies being proposed in Washington D.C. these days, and one of those policies with huge potential to affect business (and hence stocks) is the so called Health Care reform bill.

While it’s impossible to say for sure what the exact effect of a government take over [...]

Mutual Fund Monday: The Biggest Lies Mutual Fund Companies Tell.

Chuck Jaffe at MarketWatch has a great piece that I thought I’d share for my (semi) weekly Mutual Fund Monday post this week.

His article lists 7 ways that fund companies manipulate their stats to trick investors. It’s all quite legal, since much of it depends on your the viewpoint and perspective applied to the facts [...]