ShareBuilder: 20% OFF Real-time Trades – Today Only!

Here’s a Cyber Monday shopping deal for all you customers of ING ShareBuilder – 20% commission rebate on all Real-time Trades that execute on Monday, November 30.

You can make as many real-time trades as you want and get 20% off on each $9.95 commission.

Just add the promotion code CM2009 to one of your eligible [...]

SELL ALERT: 3 Stocks to Ditch While You Can?

Here’s a head’s up for anyone holding these stocks – Fair Isaac, Boyd Gaming and Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P). A recent SmartMoney article has hilighted these 3 stocks as having garnered more “sell” recommendations than “buys” in recent weeks.

Fair Isaac (FICO)
Fair Isaac’s performance is dependent upon consumers using credit, and spending [...]

Investing Term Tuesday: Champagne Stock.

Champagne Stock is slang for a stock that has appreciated dramatically.

Champagne stocks make shareholders a great deal of money, usually relatively quickly. Champagne stocks are also commonly part of an industry or sector that is experiencing a bubble.

This term derives its meaning from the habit of individuals who hold such stocks to celebrate their good [...]

Best Funds To Invest In Now.

These are peculiar times we find ourselves in. Here’s a list of funds from Kiplinger that not only cover just about every bogeyman bandied about in the financial press these days, but hit upon some classic needs in a mutual fund as well.

Inflation protection

Sooner or later, the reckless monetary policy in Washington D.C. is going [...]

Best ETF’s For…

Kiplinger has released their annual “best of” edition, where they rate the best of just about everything. One of the categories is ETF’s. I thought I’d share the picks, and some thoughts on them here, but you should check out the complete issue if you get a chance.

Best ETF for Income.

Kiplinger’s pick for best Income [...]

5 Things to Do When You Have a Bad 401(k) Plan.

401(k) plans can be a great way to save for retirement and let your savings grow tax-free. But the plans are chosen by employers and managed by 3rd parties and don’t always have the best options. IRAs give you the entire universe of investments to choose from, but most employers offer a free match on [...]

Mutual Fund Monday.

I’m down with the flu this week, which means I’m taking it easy – but not too easy. I’m catching up on some reading and found some nuggets of knowledge regarding mutual funds that you may not already know about and you may enjoy reading. So, without further ado (because I need to get to [...]

Looking To Invest In Banks, Go Small.

By now, we now the sad story of the large national investment banks like Bear Stearns, AIG, Citigroup et. al.. Such examples give pause to investors, as they should, but they also taint the entire financial sector.

Believe it or not, there are many banks that stuck to lending and banking principles and never ventured into [...]

How Often Do You Rebalance Your Investments?

I had always heard that investors should rebalance their portfolios at least once a year, maybe twice a year and at the same time every year. But I never heard that everyone should rebalance at the same time of year, yet that’s exactly the basis of a recent Wall Street Journal article:

Given the remarkable run [...]

Mutual Fund Share Class Comparison Gets Easier.

Investors who own shares of mutual funds are probably familiar with the 3 most common classes of shares: A, B, and C. But recent market conditions have led over 400 mutual funds to eliminate class B shares form their offerings.

The reason for the elimination is cost. It simply costs the fund company less to offer [...]