A Sample ETF Portfolio for Vanguard Fans.

The Vanguard family of funds has many fans in the individual investor community. With their dedication to low expense fees, it’s no surprise. Much has been made of the drag on performance of high fees, and there is a growing investment community that not only shuns investments with high fees, but rates fees and expenses [...]

A Sample ETF Portfolio for Maximum Income (and Fat, Juicy Yields).

With the low fees and wide selection of ETFs, you can now build a portfolio for maximum and minimum fees relatively easily. Here’s one such sample portfolio from Kiplinger that allocates 65% to bonds, 35% to stocks. The bond section is spread between conservative, laddered treasures and riskier junk bonds. As of a month ago, [...]

A Sample ETF Portfolio for Long Term Growth.

Here’s an all ETF portfolio that’s sure to see some volatility. It’s geared toward long term growth, and as such it invests heavily in small cap stocks, foreign markets and commodities. The fund total is 90% stocks, 10% commodities and is best left to investors with long time horizons and a high tolerance for risk.

Here’s [...]

A Sample ETF Portfolio for Growth and Income.

When this portfolio was originally recommended by Kiplinger, about a month or so ago, the yield was a hefty 5.8%.

A large part of that yield comes from the LQD fund that focuses on high-quality corporate bonds, the IGOV fund which buys foreign government bonds, HYG which focuses on junk bonds, and dividend stalwart DVY. [...]

A Sample ETF Portfolio for Alternative Investments.

If you’re looking for an ETF portfolio that provides exposure to assets other than stocks and bonds, you may want to check this out.

The ETFs in this portfolio (from Kiplinger’s magazine) are anything but the boring, old index funds that got the ETF started. The funds cover commodities like energy, gold and agricultural, but [...]

A Sample ETF Portfolio for 100% Foreign Exposure.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) offer broad diversity in a single package, and if the ETF is an index fund then they carry added tax benefits when compared to actively manage mutual funds. When ETFs first hit the investment scene, they were simple index tracking funds. They mainly targeted passive investors.

Since then, the number ETF offerings [...]

Healthcare Stocks Ripe for Growth: ROBO-SURGERY.

This is the 3rd and final installment of the Healthcare Stocks Ripe for Growth series.Yesterday was medical records processor, Quality Systems and the week before that was Biotech company Gilead Sciences. This week we finish the series with a supplier of robo-surgery equipment, Intuitive Surgical.

Intuitive Surgical (ISRG).

Intuitive Surgical is an $875-million-a-year business that produces the [...]

Healthcare Stocks Ripe for Growth: MEDICAL RECORDS.

This is a continuation of the Healthcare Stocks Ripe for Growth series this week. Yesterday, I profiled the Biotech company Gilead Sciences. This week is the medical record keeper, Quality Systems.

Quality Systems (QSII)

Regardless of whether the Obama administration gets public healthcare legislation passed, one thing you can count on is a bigger focus on improving [...]

Healthcare Stocks Ripe for Growth: BIOTECH.

Healthcare may not seem like a great investment right now, with all the talk of a government take over of the industry, but sometimes those are just the times that create great contrarian opportunity.

Today, I’m profiling 3 healthcare sector stocks that show promise of growth in the coming years, regardless of the decisions in Washington [...]

Will Today be the Day the DOW Breaks 10,000?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average got pretty close yesterday to breaking the 10,000 point mark for the first time since the ‘08 crash. It’s no surprise that there has been much attention paid to this. It is, after all, a significant number, even if it’s mostly psychological.

Flash Player 9 or higher is required to view [...]