5 Overlooked Stocks Poised for Growth?

These stocks are covered by fewer than 5 analysts, but they have increased both their earnings and sales by 10% or more over the past 12 months.

SalesGrowthPast Year(%)

Citi Trends
Clothing stores

AZZ [...]

Investing Around the Blogosphere: July 2009 Roundup.

It’s the end of July, and that means it’s time for a roundup of investing news, tips and general info from around the blogosphere!


The ETF DataBase has a great post detailing the history of the ETF industry by way of 25 people who helped create it. Read The ETF Hall of Fame: 25 People Who [...]

Top Morningstar Bond Funds for July 2009.

Morningstar has released their top 3 Bond Funds for June-July. Here’s the list:

High-yield bonds.

T. Rowe Price Spectrum Income (RPSIX)

This is a fund of funds. The management team invests in up to 9 T. Rowe Price funds in order to get exposure to all of the sectors of the bond market. The fund took a [...]

3 ETFs for the Bear Market Rally.

When bear markets rally, it’s often the small caps and technology stocks that lead the way. Here are 3 ETFs that may help you make the most of the current rally.

iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF (EEM ).

The EEM is comprised of 329 stocks from countries that have yet to mature economically. This translates into high [...]

The One-Minute Portfolio.

Here’s the ultimate in super-simple investment portfolios, for those who don’t have the time or inclination to pick and monitor individual stocks.

The One-Minute Portfolio.

The One-Minute Portfolio is comprised of just 3 asset allocations: Domestic Stocks, Foreign Stocks and Bonds. Here’s a recommendation for each category:

1. Buy America – The Whole Darn Thing!

Perhaps the cheapest and [...]

Bears Make Money, Bulls Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered.

I don’t mean to get all Animal Farm on you, but have you ever noticed there are a lot of animal metaphors in investing? Most people have heard about bear markets and bull markets, but did you know there are also pigs in the market? Well, yeah, I suppose you did. But do you know [...]

The simple 7 investment portfolio.

Looking for an easy, diversified portfolio of stock funds that will grow your money over time, but won’t take over your life with demands on your time? ladies, gentlemen and undeclared’s, I present the simple 7 portfolio..

Each recommendation is either an ETF, or a no-load mutual fund. Some people prefer mutual funds, and others ETFs, [...]

Why you Should Keep a Close Watch On Your Stops.

Aaron Task at Yahoo! Tech Ticker has a post of the 5 Keys to the Market, from Todd Harrison, CEO of Minyanville.com.

The money quote is near the bottom:

“Given these crosscurrents, Harrison’s advice for traders is to keep a tight leash on stops and be extra focused on risk management.”

Here’s why Harrison thinks you should keep [...]

Make Your Grandchild a TAX-FREE Millionaire!

I just got a Bottom Line Magazine offer in the mail, and thought I needed to blog about this one of the “smart money tip” inside.

The tip is titled “Make Your Grandchild a TAX-FREE Millionaire!” and they include this nice chart showing a lump sum investment growing skyward to $2 million.

How it works.

The basis of [...]

5 Reasons U.S. Utilities Look Good Right Now.

Utilities have a long history of being a safe haven – especially for yield hungry income investors. This is sill true today with weaker consumer spending in the U.S. and lower global output depressing stock prices, and the government debt snowballing to historic amounts pushing the yield on treasuries downward.

Here’s 5 quick reasons utilities [...]